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International development program of charity

International development program of charity
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It is a charitable fundraiser to help seriously ill children who need expensive treatment and rehabilitation.

Not only are you helping these children but you are also receiving a small amount of compensation through a simple marketing system.

Annual assistance = $100

$10 will be donated to whoever made this opportunity known to you.

On the second level, it's $5

On the third level, it's $5

On the fourth level, it's $5

On the fifth level, it's $5

On the sixth level, it's $5

On the seventh level, $15 will be donated to the collecting body.

The goal, as you have understood, is to make this opportunity known to as many people as possible, for collect as much help as possible for these children who need us all over the world.

Generosity comes back to you Join us


Patrice Bourdenet 11120 MOUSSAN – Occitanie – France